How to give birth without fear

All the tools you need for a confident and loving birth

Did you know that your body already knows how to give birth?

All you need to do is to trust it and help your body and your baby to activate and access it.

Want to learn how?

Confident birth works with birth health all over the world. Both with becoming parents and health care staff. The book "Confident Birth" has ben translated into many languages and in Sweden where it first was published it has sold more then 50 000 copies.

In this programme, you and your support person or partner obtain the map and compass that will show how you together can activate the powerful physiology of birth and the birth hormone oxytocin, and how you can avoid the things that can block and undermine the physiology of your birth - such as stress and fear.

This programme seeks to help your amazing body activate its pre-existing ability to give birth - a capacity that we all have. It is also designed to help you cope with and manage all the situations and feelings that can arise during childbirth regardless of the outcome, or how you give birth to your baby - to ensure that fear and stress don't take over. The method has been taught to thousands of becoming parents with grate success, creating more loving and empowering birth experiences for the whole family.

The program has a unique feature with an live community where i will be and coach you personally and answer all your questions.

Welcome to a confident and more loving birth!

Susanna Heli

*If you would like to teach and become an instructor of the method, please register for the next course via the homepage.

SUSANNA HELI is an experienced, certified physiotherapist and doula, specialised in pregnancy and birth, and psychosomatics. She is author of the book “Confident Birth”, Pinter and Martin 2012), and method of the same name. She has also written “Föda utan rädsla”, (Bonnier 2009), “Trygg förlossning”, (Gothia 2017).

The book and method is used for birth preparation and as a birth-specific care model by the Swedish healthcare system and in a number of other countries.   

Susanna is a highly sought-after speaker and instructor. She teaches the Confidence Method to midwives, doctors, doulas and parents-to-be. She is passionate about spreading the message that we are supposed to give birth when we feel secure.

Thousands of women, partners, and healthcare staff have already used Susanna's method and four-step programme with great success. And it is with great pleasure that we now offer our Childbirth class online, so that regardless of where you live in the world, you can access this important knowledge.

Susanna has two children, Mira and Etienne.

Quest Curriculum

  • 9 Levels
  • Coaching By Susanna
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01


    Here I will welcome you. You will get to know my story, how to use the program. And the basic theory of the method.

  • Level 02

    The Contractions

    Learn what is your focus in birth.

  • Level 03


    Learn how to give support in contractions.

  • Level 04


    Theory and practical training how to use breathing in the contractions.

  • Level 05


    Theory and practical training how to use relaxation in the contractions.

  • Level 06


    Theory and practical training how to use the sound in the contractions.

  • Level 07

    The mind

    Theory and practical training how to use the mind in the contractions.

  • Level 08

    Repetition is the key

    Keep on training to keep the knowledge alive.

  • Level 09

    The birth

    Powerful audios to bring with you to the birth as reminders.

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Success Stories

  • Nora Vezekenyi

    Thank you!

    "We enjoyed the classes very much and we both feel more prepared for the birth!"

  • Maria Sazakli

    This delivery is the best thing I have experienced

    "Mrs Heli you can’t imagine how much you helped me with your book “confident birth”. .... your book was one of the things I wanted with me when I giving birth. I knew and I could recognize my fear. I had a quick natural birth at a hospital. It is my second child. The previous birth was completely different. This delivery is the best thing I have experienced so far in my life. I feel it’s heeling effect even now!!!! It was just what I wished-dreamed. Thank you!!!"

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    One-time payment

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